Québec, I Remember

Québec is home to almost 8.4 million people. With its long-rooted history and fast developing technology, the city is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. It stands proud with its cultural heritage in full display in its streets, shops, and historic landmarks.


Tourist Sites


Parc National
de la Jaques-Cartier

Fall in love with the pristine lakes, lush forests, and the beautiful Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier when you visit Parc National De La Jacques-Cartier. Located just 30 minutes from downton Québec, the park offers a quick escape from the hustle-bustle of the city.


du Quebec

Discover the wonders of the sea by paying this popular local and tourist spot a visit. The aquarium boasts up to 10,000 marine species, all being taken care of with great effort. From sea lions to jellyfish, to all other underwater creatures imaginable, you won’t run out of things to marvel at in the Aquarium Du Québec.


Sainte anne
de Beaupre

Saint Anne is one of Canada’s national shrines, and North America’s second oldest pilgrimage. It’s adorned with paintings, mosaics, stained glass windows, and plenty of other Romanesque Revival-style decor. Whether for religion, architecture, or 350 years of history, the basilica manages to draw in about one million visitors each year.


Musée national
des beaux-arts du Québec

The National Museum of Fine Arts of Québec houses up to 38,000 works of art either produced in Québec or made by a Québec artist. Some of the works date back to the 17th century. The museum has three pavilions dedicated to historical art, contemporary art, and modern art. It even has a Family Gallery.  


Must Try Food

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Consisting of fries and cheese curds topped with gravy, poutine is every person’s go-to snack in Québec. Dating back to the 1950s in Centre-du-Québec, you cannot say you visited the city without having one of these.



Maple Syrup Grandfathers

The quintessential Canadian ingredient--the good ‘ol maple syrup--is the star in this dish. A delectable treat, these dessert dumplings are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.



Pouding Chomeur

A traditional cake, the Pouding Chomeur is made of rice, milk, and gelatin. This dessert is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds and is the perfect cap off for any sumptuous meal.




Shopping Districts

There are different speciality shopping districts all over Québec from charming little neighborhoods to lively night markets. Visit North America’s oldest commercial district--Rue du Petit Champlain--and take a peek at their numerous artisanal boutiques.


Mall to a lively night markets

Québec has plenty of malls spread over different districts to accomodate all of your daily needs. Laurier Québec Mall is second most visited tourist spot after Old Québec. You might be able to score a few deals from the tourist discount booklets they give out.


Souvenir Shops

The city has plenty of souvenir shops to buy little trinkets and goods to remember the city by. From art products like silkscreen paintings and personal caricatures to “I Love Québec” shirts and fridge magnets, there’s a ton of memorabilia to bring back home.