Staying Relevant in an Ever-Changing World

Our organization has seen and experienced the changing dynamics of communications on a global scale. Given this, it is important to gather our learnings and share insights as independent agencies to help each partner stay relevant. The delegates will be taking a deep dive into the trends, challenges, and new ideas shaping the PR landscape; at the end of the day, the goal is not just to keep up, but to transcend the current mindset in the communications industry.



Day 1 | May 19, Sunday

From fake news, agency breakouts, to speed dating leads, The Summit will open with discussions on topics currently changing the PR industry. The day will be capped off with a Film Festival, followed by a reception dinner where guests can catch up with fellow delegates at the lovely Manoir Montmorency.

Opening and Welcome to the Global Summit
Led by Clare Parsons, PROI-Lansons; Mike Santoro, PROI-Walker Sands; Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister; Howard Brown, PROI-Brown & Cohen Communications

Rowing Across the Atlantic:
Strategies to Reach Your Goals

By Julie and Colin Angus with an introduction from Kim Cohen, PROI-Brown & Cohen Communications

Agency Breakout:
How is this impacting you and your agency?

Moderated by Kim Cohen, PROI-Brown & Cohen Communications

PROI Global Benchmark Intelligence Survey
To be Discussed by Neil Green, PROI-Senate SHJ

New Partner Introductions
Led by Anthony Larmon, PROI-ERA Myanmar Communications

Intoducing the New PROI Mentoring Program
Led by Angela Scaffidi, PROI-SenateSHJ and Kaija Pohjala, PROI-Cocomms Finland

Sharing Best Works
Led by Megann Outram, PROI-Atmosphere & Alina Damaschin Ciocirlan, PROI-Rogalski Damaschin Public Relations

Interactive: Needs & leads Speed Dating
Led by Rob Falls, PROI-Falls Communication and Pavlina Rieslova, PROI-Ewing Public Relations

Film Festival
Presented by Julie Colehour, PROI-C+C; Ramonna Robinson, PROI-Groundfloor Media; Mark Pogachefsky, PROI-MPRM Communications

Healthcare Sector: PROI Member Companies Engaged in the Health Sector
Led by Gil Bashe, PROI-FINN Partners

Reception Dinner at Manoir Montmorency



Day 2 | May 20, Monday

Day 2 will kick off with a series of panel discussions on the best practices in the PR industry. Facilitated by partners and guest speakers, delegates will be sharing insights and stories on solving common pain points encountered by PR  agencies. Renowned online marketing strategist David Meerman Scott will be discussing the immense power and influence of fandom in the current media landscape.

By David Meerman Scott with an introduction from Nicola Nel, PROI-Atmosphere Communications

Panel Discussion: Growth Strategies from the fastest growing agencies within PROI
Hosted by Rebecca Mayo, PROI-Lansons

Panel Discussion: Creating the Irresistible Pitch
Moderated by Karin Lohitnavy, PROI-Midas PR
Showcase of the biggest client wins of last year
and how they won

Panel Discussion: How to Win Awards
Moderated by Debby Penton, PROI-Wildfire PR
Winners of major awards share tips
on what makes a winning entry

Interactive: Agencies gather in small groups to share their pitches for discussion and critique
Moderated by Dirk Aarts, PROI-24/7 Communications

Interactive: Agencies share award submissions for discussion and critique
Moderated by Debby Penton, PROI-Wildfire PR

Panel Discussion:
Top 5 Most Pressing Business Challenges and The Path We Took to Solve

Moderated by Trudy Kremer, PROI-Jackson Spalding
5 Leaders will discuss their top 5 issues

Panel Discussion:
Using Data to Drive Successful Campaigns

Moderated by Lena Soh-Ng, PROI-Huntington Communications
A discussion with partners who are successfully using data and analytics to drive better client outcomes

Sharing of Best Works
Led by Elaine Chuah, PROI-Priority Communications

Financial Communications Consultants Sector
led by Jeff Lambert, PROI-Lambert

Transitioning Committee Meeting

Issues Management + Crisis Sector

Quebec City Challenge
Organized by Mike Rush, PROI-360PR+ and Misha Cook, PROI Worldwide



Day 3 | May 21, Tuesday

For Day 3, panel discussions will be focusing on navigating tricky situations and improving campaigns. Delegates are encouraged to share fresh perspectives on challenges commonly faced by agencies. Partners from C+C, Filtered Media and Gullers Grupp  will be leading the discussions.

Breakout by Agency Size
Moderated by Randal Kirsch, PROI-Jackson Spalding; Hans Gennerud, PROI-Gullers Grupp; Michaela Benedigova, PROI-Seesame; Jeff Lambert, PROI-Lambert; Ronn Bechler, PROI-Market Eye; Andy Likes, PROI-TVG; Dan Pender, PROI-PR360; Elaine Chuah, PROI-Priority Communications

Breakout Session Takeaways

Visualize! Make Your Great Campaigns More Appealing
Moderated by Michaela Benedigova,
PROI-Seesame Communications Experts

Panel Discussion: Organizing Innovation in Future Agency
Moderated by Hemming Lindell, PROI-Gullers

Presentation: Mastering Your Brand Story
What brands can learn from movie directors,
Mark Jones, PROI-Filtered Media
How best practices in storytelling
will help master your client's public narrative

Panel Discussions: What Would You Do?
led by Bryan Cohen, PROI-C+C
What Would You Do? Bryan asks agency
leaders how they would handle tricky situations

Closing Remarks
by Clare Parsons, PROI-Lansons

Contemplating Service Healthcare
Clients in the Future

Led by Gil Bashe, PROI-FINN Partners

Reception & Presentation from the PR Trust

A Night at the Museum



Day 4 | May 22, Wednesday

Enjoy your last day in Québec with a regional meeting to cap-off the summit. Lunch would be served at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac where you can catch up and meet with fellow PROI colleagues from your region.

PROI Worldwide Annual Meeting


The Next Global Summit

Regional Meeting
The Americas co-chaired by vice chairs Lisa Ross, PROI-RBB Communications and Laura Tomasetti, PROI-360PR+

Regional Meeting
EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) co-chaired by vice chairs Henning Sverdrup, PROI-Slager and Kaija Pohjala, PROI-Cocoms

Regional Meeting
APAC (Asia Pacific) co-chaired by vice chairs Lena Soh-Ng, PRO-Huntington and Angela Scaffidi, PROI-SenateSHJ

Global Management Board Meeting



Participating Partners